About our Monthly Email Newsletter Templates

Yes, we have 3 options for monthly email newsletter templates.

Canva email newsletter template

Best for MailChimp or ConvertKit users

This template is "image-based" which means you will need to upload the entire images into your email as the content of the email.

This means any external links you add directly in Canva will NOT be linked in your email. Additionally, this means your email provider needs to have the ability to send images in the body of the email, rather than adding the images as attachments. MailChimp and ConvertKit are email providers that do allow this. If you use another email provider, you can always copy the content from our email template and plug it into other email providers like FloDesk. Lastly: The most important part is adding your personal touch in your text and personal images.

Text-based template

Works well with any CRM or email marketing platform

The other is "text-based" which means we provide text for you to copy and paste into your email, as well as graphics to use to accompany the text. The image-based is best for design, and the text-based is best for deliverability.

FloDesk Email Template

Only for FloDesk users

We also have FloDesk email templates which includes ChatGPT prompts to help you easily generate the content.

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