Canva FAQs

It's trying to get me to pay for Canva pro. I thought you said I don't have to have Canva pro!?

While Canva will continue to try to upsell you on Canva pro, the free version is forever. We promise, you will never have to upgrade to Canva pro unless you want to.

How do I save my design?

Reason #2373 we love Canva: It automatically saves your design. As you edit your design, check the words to the left of the title of your design – it will flash between saying Unsaved Changes and All changes Saved. Before you exit out of Canva, simply make sure it says “All Changes Saved”

How do I upload my photos?

Click “Upload” on the right toolbar and you are free to upload all of your photos and videos! Canva will store them there as well.

I'm on the Canva app on my phone and...

We’ll stop you right there! The Canva app is very tricky, we recommend using Canva on your computer for customizing.

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