How do I customize my Coffee & Contracts content calendar in Canva?

Our favorite time-saving hack is to customize all your posts for the month at once and get them scheduled so you don't have to go back and do it throughout the month.

1. Open the content calendar in the original content calendar view. (Content Type > Content Calendars)

2. (0:20) Open the multiple view Canva links at the top of the page. 

3. (0:35) Click the grid view button on the bottom right to view all of the posts in a grid. Delete any of the posts that you do not want to use. 

4. (1:00) Click the command button while you click posts to select multiple, and then click the trash can to delete them.

5. (1:30) Once you remove the posts you do not want to use, click "More" on the lefthand toolbar and click "Styles"

6. (1:50) Change fonts or colors if you choose to.

7. (2:37) Drop in your own images and customize the templates however you'd like. Be sure to add in your Instagram handle where needed.

8. (2:54) Download all images at PNGs as long as you don't have any GIFs or videos in the template.

9. (3:11) Pull up Facebook Creator Studio

10. (3:17) Toggle over to the Instagram tab and hit Create Post > Instagram Feed

11. (3:23) Open up C&C Content Calendar from the other window. Copy caption and paste in to the caption box in Creator Studio. Add emojis, hashtags, locations, and the images/videos.

12. (4:10) Check the box next to Post to Facebook, and drop down where it says Publish and change it to Schedule. Select the date and time you'd like to schedule it for.

13. (4:25) Click the drop down arrow next to the blue Publish button, select "Schedule" and enter in the same date. You must schedule on both the Post to Facebook option and the Instagram option. If you select "Post to Facebook" and DO NOT schedule, it will post to Facebook once you schedule to Instagram. You must schedule twice.

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