What are Instagram Reels?

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are a fun new way to interact with your audience and grow your following on Instagram. Record and edit 15 or 30 second videos with audio, effects, text, and more. If you have a public account, Reels are shown in the Explore page so you’ll show up across the feeds of people who may not already be following you.

How do I take a Reel?

On Instagram, click the Plus icon as if you’re going to create a new post. At the bottom, click Reels.

Audio: Add audio by clicking the music symbol on the left side vertical toolbar. Search for a song to use, or opt out and use your own audio through your microphone while recording

Speed: Click the 1x button to choose to speed up or slow down your video

Effects: Click the smily face icon to apply different filters and effects (similar to Instagram stories)

Timer: Click the stopwatch icon to set a timer for recording. This way you can set your phone up and record yourself hands-free.

Reel Covers

The full size of a reel is the same size as an Instagram story (1080×1920), however only 1080×1350 will show up as a person is scrolling their newsfeed, and only the square sized 1080×1080 will show up on your Instagram feed. We have created Reel Cover Templates so that you can upload your reel and maintain a beautiful feed.

To add a Cover Photo to your Reel, finish customizing your reel and get to the point of writing a caption. On the preview image of the reel, you’ll see “Cover” click this to upload your Cover photo.

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