What if someone in my market is also a member?

Keep in mind that your audience does not follow (or pay as much attention to) all of the real estate agents that you do. Even if someone else in your market is using similar content or designs, the way you present it and the unique approach you bring to your branding and messaging is what sets you apart. Your unique perspective, tone of voice, and personality are what make your content unique and appealing to your specific target audience. 

Here's how to set yourself apart from other agents who are using Coffee & Contracts:

1. Pop our titles, scripts and captions into ChatGPT and ask it to reword it for an agent in your City and in a tone of voice that fits your personality (witty, friendly, serious...)

2. We provide Quarterly Branding Photo Guides that gives you pose ideas and shots to get for each quarter. Want to stand out and get better results? Use professional branding images of yourself.

3. Differentiate yourself by focusing on a niche. Tailor out content to address the specific needs and pain points of your target market. Ask ChatGPT to rewrite our content specifically for your niche.

4. Create a brand kit with set fonts and colors and change these in your templates.

5. Don't follow the content calendar exactly how it is. You have access to a full years worth of content you can search through and use at any time.

Check out the Instagram post below to see how you can transform a template in 5 different ways

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