What type of Account Should I have? Instagram Business, Creator, and Personal Accounts

Here are the major differences between having your Instagram set up as a Business, Creator, or Personal account.

Personal Instagram:

  • You can have your page set to private
  • You can not schedule your posts
  • You do not get insights on reach and engagements
  • You can not promote your posts

Business & Creator Instagram:

  • You can not set your page to private
  • You can schedule your posts
  • You can see insights on reach and engagements
  • You can promote your posts
  • Access to Inbox tools like saved replies and sorting

Differences between Business & Creator:

  • Currently you can not schedule though third parties on Creator Accounts, other than Creator Studio.
  • Different profile category options (like Real Estate Agent, Clothing Brand, Ice Cream Shop, etc.)
  • On a business account you can add your business address to your profile

We recommend a Business Account for real estate agents.

How do you switch your Account Type?

To change your account type, go to your Instagram profile on the Instagram app and click the three lines at the very top right hand corner of the screen. Click “Settings” at the top of the menu. Click “Account”. Scroll down the bottom and click “Switch Account Type”

Does it cost anything to switch?

Nope, Instagram is 100% free no matter what account type you have.

Will anything change when I switch?

Nope, you won’t lose any of your posts - nothing will change.

Is it permanent?

Nope, you can always change between Personal, Business, and Creator.

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