How to Use Instagram Highlight Covers

Here we will show you how to customize your new highlight covers, and put them on your Instagram highlight covers - without uploading to your story!

Before you begin, make sure you are on your desktop, not phone or tablet, and logged in to Canva.

1. Choose the one you want to customize, and click "Customize in Canva"

2. Click "Use Template"

3. Click the circle background to change the color of it

4. Click the text to customize the words, size and color

5. Highlight the text to change the color

6. Click the circles on the four corners of the blue square to change the size. If the word is longer and goes to the second line, click the white line on the righthand side of the box to make the textbox longer. Then resize with the corner circle toggles to fit it in the circle.

7. Once you've customized all the covers to your liking, click Download on the top righthand corner.

8. Now, you need to get these highlight covers from your computer to your phone. If you have AirDrop, you can AirDrop to your phone. If not, you can email them to yourself. 

9. Once the images are downloaded to your phone, open up Instagram.

10. If you already have highlights, click on the one you want to customize. 

If you don't have any highlights, skip to step 10A.

11. Click "More" on the bottom right

12. Click "Edit Highlight"

13. Click "Edit Cover"

14. Select the photo icon and find the highlight cover you want to use.

15. You will need to zoom in on it if you don't want a white border, use two fingers to zoom in and then make sure it's centered.

16. When you're finished, click "Done"

If you don't have any highlights, click "New" where your Story Highlights would be.

Select the stories you want in your highlight album, click "Edit Cover", then head back up to Step 14.

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