How to customize your MailChimp Email Newsletters

1. Open up the page for the Newsletter template on Coffee & Contracts. Here you will find the Canva template you will use for the contents of the email, the Mailchimp template link, and the contents of the email. 

2. Click "Open" to customize the Canva template. Click "Use Template" to start designing the template.

💡 Please note that you will not be adding any links in Canva, we will be downloading this template as an image and linking the content in Mailchimp.

3. Customize the Canva template however you'd like, but make sure to change the sample images to ones of you, change the sample name, change the sample [City], and change the market update to reflect your market. Need help finding market update numbers? Ask your broker where to find this information for your area. 

4. Once you've finished customizing, click the download button at the top right. Make sure File type is PNG and download all 3 pages. 

5. Go back to the Newsletter template on Coffee & Contracts.

6. Under Links click the Mailchimp template.

💡  Make sure you have already signed up for and are logged into your Mailchimp account before clicking this template link.

7.  Once you click the template link, Mailchimp should redirect you to your Email Templates page under Campaigns. You'll notice a banner at the top that the template was added to your account. The template will be the very first one in the list. Click the title to customize it.

8. Now you will swap the images for the ones you just downloaded. Click the first image (that says [MONTH] Update) and to the right you'll see options to customize this image. Click "Replace" to replace this image with the ones you just downloaded. Once you click "Replace" you will be brought to a page to upload your images and files. Upload the images you just downloaded from Canva by clicking the "Upload" button. You can go ahead and upload all of the images you just downloaded from Canva. (NOTE: you will need to open the zip file from your downloads to access these files)

9. Select the first image and click "Insert" to replace the image. 

10. Next, delete the text box section within the Mailchimp template. 

11. Now you're going to replace the second image. Click "Replace" to replace this image with the ones you just downloaded. Select the image and click "Insert" to replace the image. 

12. Now, you are going to crop the image in half so you can link the incentive to the corresponding image. Click the image, click "Edit". Next, unselect the box next to "Lock Dimensions" on the bottom left. On the image, click and drag from the corner to crop the image to just the first section. Click save.
*** Some months there will be no incentive to link in the email***. If you do not see a free incentive listed in the Coffee & Contracts template under LINKS, there is no incentive to add.

13. Next, you'll repeat this process for the remaining images. Click the next image and repeat the process from #11 & #12.

14. Now it's time to LINK your content. To find the template for the incentive for the month, refer back to the Newsletter template on the Coffee & Contracts website, we will include under the LINKS section. Customize the incentive template and download as a PDF . ***Some months there will be no incentive to customize and link in the email*** I

15. IF THERE IS A FREEBIE INCENTIVE TO LINK: Click the image promoting the incentive for the month. On the options that appear to the right, click "Link" Drop down and select "File" and upload your incentive. 

17. Click the image promoting your Instagram. On the options that appear to the right, click "Link" Drop down and select "Web address" and add your Instagram URL. 

💡  Click the social media icon section at the bottom to add your URLs and swap out any of the social media icons. Click the Coffee & Contracts logo at the top to remove or swap with your own logo.

18. Now, it's time to send! Go back to the Email templates page in Mailchimp (under Campaigns). Go to the template you were just customizing, click the drop down arrow to the right of it, and click "Create campaign"

19. Add all of the information, check your email to make sure the links work, and send it or schedule it.

💡   We recommend a short subject line promoting something that is valuable in the newsletter. IF THERE IS A FREE INCENTIVE WITHIN THE EMAIL, refer to the incentive that's included. For example, "FREEBIE: Download my New Construction Guide!"

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