How to customize and post animated reels

  1. Click the "Grid view" button on the bottom right of the screen to view all of the pages and their titles. Below are what the titles mean:
    1. SLIDE 1 OPTION + COVER OPTION: These are options for the introduction clip to your video. You have the option to choose one to use as the first slide in your video, and choose one to use as your cover photo.
    2. SLIDE 1 OPTION - PERSONALIZE: This another option for introduction clip to your video. We highly recommend this option because you'll see more views and engagement when you show your face right off the bat. For this option, record a video of yourself pointing in the air, similar to the example. You'll drop it in and move the text around in Canva to fit with your video.
    3. SLIDE 2, SLIDE 3, SLIDE 4, ETC.: This is the content of the video numbered in the order that they should go in. When you download your video, you'll want to make you sure you have one of each slide in order.
    4. TOTAL VIDEO OPTION: This has all of the information in one video, rather than individual slides. You can just download that slide and use it as your entire reel.
  2. Once you decide on your first slide (the introduction clip) and cover photo (you can have a cover photo seperate from the video, too) delete any of the slides you will not be using.
  3. Customize the slides however you'd like.
    1. Tip: Go to More > Styles to change all the colors and/or fonts at once.
  4. If you're using a video of yourself, record this and replace our example video with your video.
    1. Tip: I like to record on Instagram on my phone as a story, save it to my device, and airdrop it to my computer to upload into Canva. You can also upload into the Canva app on your phone.
  5. To download your video, make sure the slides are in order. If your cover photo is not in the video, make sure to deselect it before downloading as a MP4. Then, download the cover image as a PNG.
  6. Airdrop to your phone, or download the video on the Canva app on your phone.
  7. When you upload the video as a reel on Instagram, you're going to want to add a voiceover and audio.
  8. Upload your video as you normally would, and click next. Once you're on the editing screen, click the music symbol and click "Voiceover"
  9. Record yourself reading over the slides
  10. When you're done, click Music
  11. Add a song to go with your video
  12. Tip: Save any trending audio songs you come across to grab from the Saved file once you're on this screen
  13. Now, you can make sure the camera audio is down to 0, the music is down to 10-15, and the voiceover is at 100
  14. Once you click next and are the next screen, click "Edit cover"
  15. Upload the PNG file you previously saved as your photo. Click Profile grid to make sure it fits well in the square.
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