What hashtags should I use? Are hashtags still relevant?


  • Include "your city" + "real estate" or "realtor" in your caption for keywords
  • Use #yourcityrealestate #yourcityrealtor and a narrow hashtag with under 10k-50k uses.

What hashtags should I use? Are hashtags still relevant?

In the constantly evolving social media landscape, it's essential to stay up-to-date with best practices. As of 2023, Instagram's enhanced features now allow users to search by keywords in the caption, not just hashtags. This development presents an exciting opportunity to increase the visibility of your posts beyond your immediate followers.

Including city and industry-specific keywords like "real estate" or "realtor" in your captions can significantly boost your posts' visibility in user searches. For instance, using key phrases like "Los Angeles real estate" can help potential home buyers and sellers in LA find your posts more easily.

While the emphasis on hashtags has slightly decreased, they're far from irrelevant. As of late June 2023, our current strategy involves using around three hashtags per post. We aim for hashtags with less usage to avoid being lost in a sea of posts, and we consistently switch them up for the same reason.

Here's what we recommend for real estate agents:

  1. Include your city + "real estate" or "realtor" in your caption for keyword optimization.
  2. Use #yourcityrealestate #yourcityrealtor and a narrow hashtag with under 10k-50k uses.

Content Types and Hashtags

When considering what hashtags to use, it's important to consider the type of content you're posting. Different content types can benefit from different hashtags. For example, a post about a new listing might include hashtags like #newlisting, #homesforsale, and #dreamhome, whereas a post offering real estate advice might use hashtags like #realestatetips, #homebuying, and #realestateadvice.

Do you provide hashtags with the posts?

No, we do not provide hashtags with our posts, and here's why. If every member used the same set of hashtags, Instagram's algorithm could potentially flag these posts as spam. This could limit the reach of your content, which is the opposite of what we want to achieve.

Remember, each agent's target audience is unique. Using the same set of hashtags across different accounts might not effectively reach the specific audiences that each of our members are targeting. It's essential to tailor your hashtags to your local area, your specific audience, and the unique content of each individual post.

By doing your own hashtag research and regularly switching up the hashtags you use, you can reach a broader and more targeted audience over time. This personalized approach to hashtag use is much more beneficial for your Instagram growth and engagement.

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